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Soaring with Winged Publications #Editors as Partners

Multi-Published Author Celebrates 40th Book with Winged Publications

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 Longing to succeed? Write. Learn. Persist. 

Then, like Diogenes of old, who carried a lantern through the streets while looking for an honest man, search for agents, editors, and publishers who share your vision and are willing to partner with you to produce the finest books possible.

I have been blessed with many editors who became personal friends. My 160+ titles (six million copies sold) represent publishing companies and editors I respect and treasure. Latest  editor/publisher is Cynthia Hickey of Winged Publications (includes Forget Me Not Romances, Soaring Beyond, and Take Me Away lines). 

My experience reflects the company's inspiring motto: Where Your Stories Take Flight.

Five years ago, an editor friend suggested I contact  Winged/FMNR. Cynthia and I immediately bonded and I am presently working on my 40th book for her, with more planned. We work together like the blades of a fine pair of scissors. Fiction and nonfiction, historical, contemporary, and westerns. Short story collections and anthologies. Each is unique.

Legacy of Silver (Cherished Romances Book 4) by [Colleen L. Reece]Now available: Legacy of Silver, an exciting Civil War era story and #4 in my Cherished Historical Romances series. I used oft-told family stories that I listened to as a child to add authenticity; tales handed down by those who fought in the heart-breaking battles of brother against brother, friend against friend. 

In a nutshell:

High-spirited Silver Trevelyn is indebted to Dr. Zachary Stuart for saving her brother Frank’s life, but considers him a coward. Dedicated to saving lives, Zachary refuses to join the Confederate Army.

War rages, putting Silver and Frank’s fiancĂ©e, Lucy, at risk. Seeking refuge, they flee from Silver Birches plantation in the dead of night. Guided only by God and the North Star, they encounter obstacles that threaten to prevent their reaching the only person who can offer protection—the man Silver once despised.

Coming. Cherished Historical Romances #5: Storm Clouds Over Chantel.

Runaway Bride Seeks Sanctuary in the Old West

Chantel Evans learns that her fiance is a fortune-hunter, then discovers he and her stepmother plan to commit her to an insane asylum and gain control of Chantel's inheritance. Terrified, she takes a train to Montana Territory. Nothing she may encounter can be worse than staying in Boston.

"FIrebrand" Morgan considers Chantel's arrival just after her grandfather has been shot highly suspicious. What will become of the Triangle C ranch if left in the hands of a tenderfoot girl who has ignored her grandfather for years?

It takes a kidnapping and a near-hanging to show that only God can banish the storm clouds hovering over Brand and Chantel.



Colleen's Author Page 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hope in Tough Times #Encouragement #Timing #Devotionals

free printable coloring pages helping others – Jowo 

Looking for ways to encourage others? Use what you have and read on. Timing can be everything.

Along with many others, my friend Sandy is making and donating masks. Last count? More than 150. She is also making gowns. Her home has become a factory for caring.

Neighbors bring groceries to the elderly and check on them.
Others send out dozens of letters and cards, little reminders someone is thinking of them and cares. Ditto for emails, messages on social media.

I wanted to do something in addition to praying, plus offering smiles and conversation in an effort to cheer neighbors as I walk the cul-de-sacs near my home. Posting on this blog reaches people, but I wanted to expand the base.

I recently recalled a gift book my co-author Julie Reece-DeMarco and I proposed several years ago after doing several highly successful titles. The timing, which often spells the difference between success and failure, was wrong. We shelved the project and moved on.

A recent "a-ha" moment.

What better time than now to offer a very small book featuring true stories of those who overcame seemingly-impossible adversity? Winged Publications is considering submissions (their authors only, at least for now) for a new line of very short inspirational, affordable titles for their new 1-2-3 Books.

Excited, I dug out the proposal for DOORWAYS AND WINDOWSILLS: Finding Sunlight after Storms, sent it our editor, and received an immediate go-ahead. Julie and I had already completed more than enough stories to fit the new line. We edited, submitted, and the 40-page book is now on Kindle with print edition coming soon.

Doorways and Windowsills: Finding Sunlight After Storms by [Colleen L. Reece, Julie Reece-DeMarco]Don’t stare at closed doors. Search for open windows.”
Jesus sent messengers to a certain Samaritan village to prepare for His coming. When He arrived, the people refused to receive Him. James and John wanted to call down fire from heaven and destroy the village. Jesus refused to waste time attempting to batter down the doors of prejudice closed against Him and His ministry. He simply gathered his disciples and “went to another village,” where windows of opportunity awaited Him (Luke 9:56, paraphrased.)

The most brilliant sunshine often follows the darkest storms. Award-winning authors Colleen L. Reece and Julie Reece-DeMarco present Biblical, historical, and contemporary persons who searched for and found sunlight after devastating storms.

available at

Friday, May 1, 2020


Free Kindle book

It's beautiful. It's inspirational. And it's yours free on Amazon. 

"From our hearts to yours," a message from Winged Publications authors.

In this time of COVID-19, we can't see as many people face to face, but we can still speak heart-to-heart.  The crisis will have a lasting impact on this generation, but it is far from the only time we will need comfort and strength from others in our lives.

Through our prayers, meditations, and poems, we offer you our care, and the strength and comfort we have found in the Lord God. May our gift lift your hearts. Feel free to pass it on.

Comfort One Another: Strength from Those Who Care, 54 pages
(Sample entry)

"You are grounded,” my niece said over the phone.

"You are eighty-four and high risk. Stay home, except to walk in the fresh air around your quiet cul-de-sac. Visit with neighbors but keep your distance. And no hugging!”
Sigh. I’ve lived in the same home for forty-two years. Little kids run to me. Teens and adults, even my yard service guys, greet me with, "Where's my hug?"

Yet God is still in control. Hebrews 13:5-6 states, ". . . I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."
My prayer journal is filled with "Trust Me." Reece's Ramblings "Faith in Times of Trouble," ( 3-19, encourages others. So do e-mails with funny or inspirational graphics and my assuring people “this too shall pass.” Neighbors, some I barely know, bring groceries. A friend came and took my car to gas up.
We cannot understand God's plans. All He asks is that we trust Him and serve others.

* * *

My love and prayers go out to you,


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Character Driven vs. Plot Driven Novels #Characters #Plotting

Debate Union comes to Sewanee 


Wondering whether your novel should be character driven or plot driven? Read on. 

Many in the wonderful world of writing cling to the theory that a novel must either be character driven or plot driven. It doesn't work for me. An idea may come from a character demanding to be heard, a significant event, or an intriguing setting, but:

  1. No matter how mysterious, exciting, or inspirational a story line, it needs strong and weak, noble and ignoble, believable characters to bring events to life. Give me characters who make me want to cheer or rage, laugh and cry. Characters with whom I can relate and care about what happens to them.

2. Conversely, the finest cast of characters cannot overcome a dull, uninteresting, or weak plot. A compelling story, filled with action, pathos, humor, etc. keeps me turning pages (the final test of a good book), impatient to see what obstacles, joys, or sorrows the characters will encounter next.


My recently published Legacy of Silver, Cherished Romance Historical Series #4, is set against a cataclysmic event: the Civil War. Stories handed down from my ancestors who fought in "The War Between the States" provide authenticity. Brother against brother. Soldiers, who after a day of fighting, smoke and play cards with men and boys they will fight again the next day. Families torn apart because of differing loyalties.

Silver Birches is a fictional Virginia plantation. High-spirited Silver Trevelyn eagerly looks forward to her birthday ball. She scratches April 12, 1861 in the rich Virginia soil and laughingly remarks, "Virginia will long remember my twenty-first birthday." She is tragically right. General Pierre Beauregard demands the surrender of Fort Sumter. Major Anderson refuses. Beauregard fires on the fort, ending a way of life.

Good novels are a series of "peaks and valleys," obstacles and temporary victories. Silver's attraction to Dr. Zachary Stuart changes to scorn when he will not take up arms to defend the South. He believes he is called to save lives, not take them.

War comes. Bizarre events leave Silver and her brother Frank's fiancee in danger. They steal away in the dead of night on a heart-breaking 125-mile journey, seeking sanctuary from the only person who can help them: the man Silver once despised. Challenges continue. Caring for the wounded from both sides sickens Silver and leaves her exhausted. Only the approval shining in Dr. Stuart's eyes keeps her going. Then he is gone to field hospitals, to minister to bodies and souls of those on the front lines. Silver works, waits, and prays. Will the horrible war that no longer makes sense be over before it claims Zachary and leaves her with a broken heart?

* * *

Silver is no Scarlett O'Hara, although sharing the same background. I watched her gradually change from a heedless girl to a determined woman who faces incredible hurdles on her path to happiness. True to his convictions, Dr. Stuart courageously works to save patients, first at home in Harmony, than at the battle front. 

  Other books in the series

#1, A Girl Called Cricket. Charity Endicott flees from scandal and searches for love on a Wyoming cattle ranch. Some events from author's parents' courtship are included.

#2, Angel of the North. Evangeline Lawrence vows to atone for driving away the man she loves and serves as a nurse in the Canadian Wilderness. Based on true events.

#3, Hills of Hope. Hope Farrell refuses to marry the man her father chooses, while the soldier she loves fights overseas during World War 1. Based on family stories.


#5, Storm Clouds over Chantel. Chantel Evans, runaway bride, seeks  sanctuary on her grandfather's ranch in frontier Montana.

#6, To Love and Cherish. Moonshiner's daughter, Cherish Hathaway, saves disillusioned doctor's life in mid-1800s western North Carolina. Author's father was born in North Carolina. 

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Points to ponder while we wait for better days.
Spring Google Clip Art
Winter Spring Quotes About. QuotesGram 

 "Hope springs eternal."
Alexander Pope

"It is always darkest before the dawn."

"Easter and the Resurrection always follow Black Friday, considered by Christians to be the darkest day in history."

"Let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid."
John 14:27 

Resurrection Stock Illustrations – 18,716 Resurrection Stock ...

May you and yours be safe and blessed is my prayer. 
This, too, shall pass.