Monday, October 2, 2017

Birthday Blessings

Happy Birthday to Me . . . October 1, 2017

82 and all is well.

Started day at 1 am, counting my blessings and eating petit fours from Friday lunch with family. Love, laughter, reminiscing fun times, such as a conversation at my 70th birthday celebration.

My brother, Randy, asked what was different from when I was 60. I replied, “Well, it takes me ten minutes longer to mow the lawn!”

I continue to be blessed. Still cutting lawn with 14” cordless electric mower. Eating right. Walking—a lot. (Two miles up and down hills today Exercising. Encouraging others. Prayer journaling (getting ready to start journal #33). Revising out-of-print books for electronic and new print editions. Designing sample covers--what fun!
I am eternally grateful for

·       God, Who gives us the freedom to choose. Several Christmases ago, my niece and her husband made a beautiful plaque for my mantel. On dark wood, it reads: Each of us is an Innkeeper, who decides if there is room for Jesus.~  
      A multitude of cherished family members and friends
·       A warm and cozy home in a neighborhood where I feel safe
·       A sound mind (well, most of the time—grin)
·       Posting to my blog, Reece’s Ramblings

I can’t do everything I once could, such as climbing onto the roof to clean it, but appreciate the many things I can do. Words from a beloved hymn describe my Heavenly Father’s never-ending care:

“Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow
Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside . . .
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, Unto me.”

I rejoice and eagerly look forward to what this next year will bring.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Shades of the Old West #western romance#western novels

“The Story Behind a Story”


 More than a decade ago, Susan K. Marlow, treasured 
friend, former student, and author of several best-selling historical series for kids and YA had an idea for Christian  western for older readers.

I loved it. We brainstormed, and I encouraged her to submit a proposal. She did and received permission to submit sample chapters and a synopsis. The book was turned down because of too much plot and not enough romance. However, the editor said, “Without a doubt this is one of the best written stories I have seen in some time. You do write very well."


 I suggested co-authoring by adding the necessary romance and finishing the chapters that were as yet unwritten. Susan refused. She didn’t want to be known as a romance writer. 


A couple of years later she said, “Take it. Do what you like with it. Just don’t put my name on or in it.” I laughed all the way to my computer. 


Most of Susan’s sample chapters remained intact. I edited and finished the story. Romance Rides the Range, first of a 4-title series, came out in 2010 from the same company that originally turned it down. Those who know us both try to figure out what is “hers, mine, and ours.”

Susan’s recently published Courageous Love ties up her wonderful Circle C Milestones series. I love its exciting plot and it has enough romance so the history of this newly revised edition of RRR can be told.

 Read more about this talented author and her books.


Susan's Books


* * * ROMANCE QUARTET titles stand alone, but old friends and enemies from the first title play important parts in the other titles as well.

Colleen's Books


Romance Rides the Range, Book One

Sarah Anderson refuses to become a drudge for her stepfather after her mother’s death in 1882. Or the property of a riverboat gambler to pay her stepfather’s debts. She flees from her Missouri home and heads for California to find her brother, trusting God to protect her on her perilous journey.

Once-bitten, twice-shy Matthew Sterling, owner of the Diamond S ranch, vows the San Juan River will run dry before he ever trusts another woman.

Does God have other plans for Sarah and Matt?

Romance Rides the River, Book Two

Life on the Diamond S Ranch will never be the same after Dori Sterling arrives like water through a broken dam.

Cowboy Seth Anderson is determined to fight adversity and keep the faith, but he can’t prevent floods or stop the undercurrents menacing the ranch and the girl he loves.

Only God can help the dedicated young man and rebellious girl navigate the troubled waters and get past the log jam that blocks their way to love. 

Romance at Rainbow’s End, Book Three

 Seven years after Ellianna and Timmy are sent to California by their despicable father, Ellie is haunted by his sins. Surely she can’t be the answer to the new minister’s prayers for a wife.

Joshua Stanhope is plagued by doubt. Is it right to tie Ellie down as a frontier town pastor’s wife when she can touch lives as San Francisco’s “Sierra Songbird”?   

Romance at the Hacienda, Book Four

Timothy Sterling scoffs at love at first sight until he meets lovely Angelina Montoya. Tim is smitten, but suspects “Angel” is less angelic than her name
Fresh from convent school, Angel loves hacienda life. Her beauty and charm attract many suitors, but Don Fernando insists she marry a wealthy man more than twice her age.

How can Angel refuse and still honor her father?