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Some of my latest and most available titles. Check this link for dozens more--and thank you for stopping by! Colleen

Book Sampler 

Wildflower Harvest

Twin sisters Mountain Laurel and Ivy Ann Brown  take frontier Wyoming by storm and create confusion aplenty.


Desert Rose, sequel 

Who will win Desert Rose Birchfield's heart and hand? The man who answered her ad for a husband or a cowboy named Mike?




An out-of-place snowflake in San Diego sends Ariel Dixon home to Ketchikan, Alaska in search of peace. But God has much more in store for her than escape from a disastrous marriage--including a long-ago promise fulfilled.




Family Treasures: Three 24-karat story Collections. 

Also available as single Kindles and print copies.
Inspirational and entertaining short stories and articles designed to touch the heart and lift spirits. 


 Shepherd of Love Kindle Collection Five hospital romances set in Seattle. Also available as single Kindles and Print copies.

1. Lamp in Darkness. 2. Flickering Flames. 3. A Kindled Spark. Glowing Embers. Hearth of Fire. 

 Meet Jonica, Nancy, Lindsey, Patti, and Shina as they serve God through serving others, encounter excitement, danger, and search for love. Note: The hospital I "built" for this series sits on a hill overlooking Seattle. I received several letters asking if it was real. People wanted to work there!

Snowflake Love

 Two complete novels of adventure and romance in Kindle collection, as well as individual Kindles and print copies. 



 Juli Scott Mystery Series, Kindle Collection. Also available as single Kindles and individual print copies. 

1. Mysterious Monday. 2. Trouble on Tuesday. 3. Wednesday Witness. 4. Thursday Trials. 5. Friday Flight. 6. Saturday Scare.

YA through Senior Adult. 


The Calling of Elizabeth Courtland

"Madcap Betty" Courtland gets more than bargained for when she follows Daniel Spencer to an isolated Washington hamlet in the early 1900s. Based on the true story of my great-grandparents. They went to Darrington WA and built the first church in a town consisting of one grocery store, a one-room school, and seven saloons. Daniel is a replica of Grandpa Towne. Betty is nothing like my godly " Little Grandma!"

For kids of all ages 

 Two rhyming picture books and a YA novel set in WW2 times and a modern adventure YA..



Shades of the Old West

Western/historical series set on the fictional Diamond S ranch near Madera, CA, 1880s

The first three  titles are also available in



COLLEEN'S CLASSICS: Books One and Two: Treasured Tales for the Young and Young at Heart

Designed to touch readers' hearts and bring a multitude of smiles each volume includes 36 time-tested fiction entries, faction (based on real events with names and/or place names changed) and true happenings.  

ALASKA. Four exciting novellas, two historical, two contemporary, set in the grandeur of our 49th state,











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